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Liquid Trust is the world's first oxytocin product that utilises the power of the 'trust hormone' to aid you in your personal, business, and love life.

Liquid Trust is an oxytocin spray that you wear on your neck and shoulders, just like a perfume (Liquid Trust is scentless).  Others you come into contact with will inhale the oxytocin particles and a subconscious feeling of trust and even love will be generated in them!

Studies are being performed all over the world involving oxytocin and the variety of possible ways it could be used as a treatment for health problems.  Here is a brief list of possible benefits that oxytocin may have in the future treatment of health conditions and personal wellness :

  • shyness
  • autism
  • schizophrenia
  • memory loss
  • marriage and relationship difficulties
  • parental bonding with children
  • stomach problems

When making your decision on whether purchasing Liquid Trust is a good thing, consider the following benefits of using the product :

  • Liquid Trust works, it increases trust through the power of oxytocin, and it will quickly help you to improve your social life, your career, and your love life.
  • The makers of Liquid Trust offer a money back guarentee if you are one of the rare individuals who do not benefit from their product.
  • Liquid Trust works immediately - one spray will increases other's trust in you.
  • Liquid Trust is easy to use - just spray it on to your shoulder, and it is completely odourless.
  • Liquid Trust is safe to use - oxytocin is a naturally occurring hormone, and Liquid Trust spray contains only the minimum amount of oxytocin to be effective.

Liquid Trust is marketed as an oxytocin spray that will lead others to put more trust in you. It works. Thousands of customers have found improvements in their social, business, and sexual lives through wearing this spray and gaining the trust of others more easily.

But can Liquid Trust actually improve the confidence of the user? In particular, can the oxytocin spray help people overcome their shyness?

If others around you are behaving more positively towards you, and putting more trust in you, then this in itself is going to improve you confidence and self-belief. Wearing Liquid Trust will lead to more positive experiences with others, and less painful rejections. It will reduce social anxiety, because you will have less reason to be socially anxious.

However, there is growing evidence that oxytocin does help people overcome shyness and improve self-confidence directly by enabling them to put more trust in themselves.

Although the makers of Liquid Trust do not market their spray as an aid to self-confidence, many shy people and others looking to overcome social anxiety are using the spray very effectively for that purpose.

Liquid Trust may just be the most life changing product you will ever try.  Here are a list of just some of the ways in which customers have found Liquid Trust to improve their lives :

  • Improve their Dating and Sex lives
  • Improve their Job Performance
  • Improve performance and impression made at Job Interviews
  • Overcome Shyness
  • Improve Self-Confidence

Enhanced Liquid TrustLiquid Trust has now been enhanced with the power of pheromones - unscented chemicals that naturally attract women.  Can you imagine the power of such things when combined with the clinically proven trust inducing attributes of oxytocin?!

Liquid Trust Enhanced contains the same quantity of oxytocin as normal Liquid Trust, but in the enhanced version it is combined with the powerful pheromones Androstenone and Androsterone, a potent mix that will send the opposite sex wild and straight into your arms!

Liquid Trust Enhanced is currently being sold at $20 below its normal price - click the image to find out more about this remarkable product.

Liquid Trust is marketed as a tool to help you in both your professional and your personal life.  Many men and women are buying Liquid Trust in order to improve their dating results.  Can Liquid Trust help you in your dating life, and if so, how?

First Impressions Count

It's widely accepted that a stranger's impressions of you are formed within the first 7 - 20 seconds of meeting you.  Whilst this may seem unfair, it has been found to be true time and time again in both scientific tests and in real life.  There is not a lot you can do that is in your power to win over a stranger, and in particular a member of the opposite sex you are attracted to, in as little as 7 seconds.  A person's initial impressions of a stranger are formed (and to a large extent fixed) by their physical appearance, body language, and what they say (and how they say it, for example their vocal tone) within those first few seconds.

But 7 seconds isn't enough time for all these judgements to be made at a conscious level.  Here is where Liquid Trust comes in, and the remarkable power of Oxytocin to win trust that the spray utilises.

The oxytocin contained within Liquid Trust causes any new person that you meet to immediately and subconsciously find you more favourable - to see you as a potential friend, or even a mate, rather than a rival or a threat.  Oxytocin determines who we see other people in terms of a social relationship - whether or not they are 'in-group' and somebody you need to bond with and to protect and feel protected by, or someone from the 'out-group' who you need to protect yourself from.

Oxytocin provides a powerful subliminal instruction to another's mind to see you as a friend and ally, and to seek to bond with you.  Oxytocin is certainly not a 'date rape drug', but it does mean that the chances of a potential date being scuppered by a poor first impression are much reduced.


In the latest study to confirm the amazing power that oxytocin has to improve one's social life, researchers at an American university have discovered that the hormone can reduce social anxiety and help the shy by improving an individuals self-concept and ability to trust others.

The study found that a na­sally sprayed form of the hor­mone ox­y­to­cin can im­prove self-per­cep­tion in so­cial situa­t­ions. Ox­y­to­cin, nat­u­rally re­leased fol­low­ing child­birth or dur­ing so­cial bond­ing pe­ri­ods, has re­cently been in­ves­t­i­gated for its im­pact on so­cial be­hav­iors.

“Our study shows ox­y­to­cin can change how peo­ple see them­selves, which could in turn make peo­ple more so­cia­ble,” said Mark El­len­bo­gen of Con­cor­dia Uni­vers­ity in Can­a­da, sen­ior au­thor of the stu­dy. “Un­der the ef­fects of ox­y­to­cin, a per­son can per­ceive them­selves as more ex­tro­verted, more open to new ideas and more trust­ing.”


Source : http://www.world-science.net/othernews/111209_oxytocin.htm